Tim Makower

Tim Makower

Co-founder of the Homestead Community Network


Tim Makower is an architect, urbanist, and founder of Makower Architects, a design practice based in London; with diverse projects in the UK and overseas; ranging from housing, mixed-use, masterplanning and regeneration, to culture, heritage and health.

Tim has also worked in education, and has founded several charity initiatives, including Article 25’s 10×10, and most recently is co-founder of the HOMESTEAD COMMUNITY NETWORK; an organisation seeking to create new kinds of therapeutic environments for those suffering from severe long-term mental illness, which is homely, enlivening and safe; and also to form a thriving national network of social enterprises, as part of the Homestead family; to help accelerate the ongoing process of de-stigmatising mental illness as an integrated part of society.

Tim has just released his second collection of songs – Anthology Two – under the name of Tim.M, which is raising money for Homestead.

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Workshop 3 - Relational Practice and Homestead Community Network: What do they look like?

  • 14 May, 2024
  • 14:45 - 16:00
  • City Hutt Complex